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Custom Baseball Hats Styles & Fabrics

3 dots Parts of A Baseball Cap

A baseball cap consists of the following parts:

1. The crown of a baseball hat is the front part of the cap that touches your forehead.
2. The bill is the flat panel that sticks out and provides a shading area for your face. All our baseball caps have pre-curved bills which give them a nice shape and fit.
3. The back is, well... the back of a baseball cap!
4. For an adjustable cap, there is a half moon shaped opening at the bottom of the back. A strap made of either fabric or plastic links 1 end of the opening to the other side. A fabric strap is secured either by a buckle or velcro tapes. We refer to them as different closure styles. You can adjust the tightness of the cap to fit your head size and comfort.

Here are the different closure styles caps could have:

Velcro Closure:

baseball caps velcro back

Metal Buckle:

baseball hats metal buckle back

D-Ring/T-Slide Buckle:

ball caps d-ring back

Plastic Snap Closure:

baseball hats plastic snap back

5. For a fitted baseball cap, there is no opening at the back of the cap. Our Flexfit brand of custom baseball caps line of baseball hats are fitted. These ball caps have Spandex in the fabric to make it stretchy so it can conform to different head sizes. Some Flexfit brand of fitted baseball caps also come in different sizes. Check each individual style for details.
6. Eyelets are those small holes on the top or the side of a ball cap. They are either sewn around the edge or made of small metal rings pressed into the baseball caps.
7. Sweat band is the ring of fabric found on the inside edge of a cap. It makes our baseball caps conformable to the touch and absorbs moisture to keep you cool. All our baseball caps and sun visors have sweat bands inside.

3 dots Different Baseball Caps Styles

1. Pro style baseball caps: these caps have crowns that sit high on the forehead and a lot of support and structure inside the crown. These are your traditional baseball caps.

2. Low profile or low crown baseball caps: caps with crowns that sit low on the forehead. These are newer style hats that have a more natural fit on the head.

3. Structured or constructed baseball hats: ball caps with crowns that have a semi-rigid lining inside the crown. The lining gives the cap more "structure" on the front. These caps could have either low profile or pro style profile.

4. Unstructured or unconstructed caps: caps with soft crowns without the semi-rigid lining inside. Most caps found at retail stores are unstructured. They have a more relaxed and casual feel to them. They are also very comfortable to wear.

5. Adjustable baseball caps: caps with an opening and a flexible band of fabric or plastic on the back to adjust their sizes.

6. Fitted baseball caps: caps with a fully covered back. They are not adjustable. However, our fitted caps have Spandex (a stretchy fabric) in them. So they will stretch to fit most size heads. Most of them also come in 2 or more sizes.

7. Flexfit | Flex fit baseball caps: Flexfit is a registered trademark of Yupoong, the company that invented and makes the Flexfit brand of fitted baseball caps. Flexfit caps have Spandex in the fabric so they stretch to conform to your head, making them extremely comfortable to wear. Since Yupoong came out with Flexfit, other manufacturers have come up with their own version of flexible fitted baseball caps. We carry 2 styles on this web site that we feel have very good quality. However, we do recommend the original Flexfit ball caps. They cost more, but their quality really is outstanding. How do you know if you have the genuine article? Look at the sweat band inside the cap, it should have the word Flexfit printed all around it.

Note: The style descriptions above describe in general terms how one can categorize different baseball caps. However, baseball caps from different manufacturer may fit differently from ours even if they carry the same description. If you are concerned about the fit of a particular ball cap, we suggest you purchase a sample before you make a decision on your embroidery order. Samples can be purchased at 1st column prices. Because we get so many requests a day, baseball samples can not be returned. However, if you do decide to place an embroidery order later on, you are welcome to send the samples caps back to us to be embroidered.

3 dots Different Baseball Caps Fabrics

1. Brushed Cotton Baseball Caps:

As the name implies, brushed cotton is cotton fabric that has been brushed for softness. It has almost a suede like feel to it. Brushed cotton comes in different weight depending on the style of the baseball hat. Our deluxe brushed cotton baseball caps are heavier weight than the other styles. Many professional ball teams use brushed cotton as their hats.

2. Cotton Twill Baseball Hats:

Lighter weight than brushed cotton, cotton twill baseball caps have a subtle sheen to it and has more structure than brushed cotton. Our US and American Flag design ball caps are made of this fabric, so are most of our promotional baseball caps.

3. Washed Chino Twill Baseball Caps:

Also a lighter weight fabric, our washed Chino twill baseball caps have been washed for softness and slightly subdued colors. They are great for a more casual life style. Most baseball caps you find at popular retail stores are made of washed Chino material.

4. Pigment Dyed Ball Caps:

Cotton fabric that has a more distressed and weathered finished to it due to the dyeing process. Colors are more subdued compared to washed chino twill. Our pigment dyed baseball caps are super soft, cool and casual.

5. Polyester Mesh Baseball Caps:

Made of polyester, this fabric has a mesh texture. Soft and airy, it has become very a popular fabric for basball caps. We have several ball caps and visors in this fabric.

6. Brushed Canvas Caps:

Cotton canvas that been brushed for softness. It has a texture that is almost wool like but is 100% cotton.

7. Wool Blend Baseball Caps:

Unique tiny waffle like texture and the substantial weight makes this a great fabric for baseball style caps. We carry wool blend baseball caps in our fitted and Flexfit styles.


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